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At Embrace, you are not just a number or a medical condition.
You are an individual receiving personalized, authentic medical care.



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Accountability & Guidance

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Our founder, board-certified family physician Chelsea Burgin, MD, created Embrace to empower individuals in her community by addressing their medical needs directly. Taking time to listen, weighing the pros and cons, and facilitating each discussion to discern the best action plan are all at the heart of Embrace. Having worked in urgent care and emergency departments in both North and South Carolina, Dr. Burgin is a testimony of caution with reference to the cookie-cutter approach of medicine.

Passionate about education, Dr. Burgin has taught at all levels: From community-based talks to children’s clubs and schools to educating interest groups in public libraries and wellness centers to local news interviews. As one of the founding faculty for the University of South Carolina School of Medicine in Greenville, she cherishes memories of teaching rising physicians how to communicate with compassion. Teaching bedside ultrasound skills to medical students, emergency medicine residents, and physician colleagues solidified her delight in instruction and skill sharing. Dr. Burgin remains zealous about educating patients on the ins and outs of acute and chronic medical conditions.

One illustration of Dr. Burgin’s accomplishments was with the Journal of Urgent Care Medicine in June 2020, when she spearheaded their first issue highlighting point-of-care ultrasound. They stated, “Dr. Burgin’s expertise… began with a curiosity that blossomed into fascination early in her career,” exemplifying the foundational keystones of Embrace.

Dr. Burgin leads Embrace as we enjoy being the direct patient advocate, the creative detective, an intentional assessor, a partner in decisions, and the treatment activist. Accountability and mindfulness are necessary qualities to succeed in today’s ever-changing demands on life and wellness sustainability. Dr. Burgin’s medical family, Embrace, is here to partner with you and yours.


What We Offer

Wellness & Prevention
Acute Care
Everyday Care
Chronic Condition Care
Mental & Emotional Health
Specialist & Surgery Referral
Care for All Generations


Annual and semi-annual discounts available during registration.


Essential – Adult

What's Included With Membership
  • Acute illness visits
  • Annual complete physicals
  • Annual Vit D, CMP, CBC, Cholesterol
  • Body composition analysis, unlimited
  • Deeper dive into thyroid function
  • Diabetes: screen, prevent & treat
  • Cardiac risk factor investigation
  • Compassionate care
  • Earth-based alternatives to drugs
  • EKGs, urine analysis as needed
  • Injury visits
  • Labs drawn in-house or Lab
  • Longer appointment times
  • Mineral hair testing reduced cost
  • Reduced prices on out-of-office imaging
  • Remote & in-person care
  • Sex hormone treatment as indicated
  • Strep, Flu and COVID testing reduced price
  • Text message and email communication
  • Timely access to your clinician
  • Transparent pricing on all other services

Encompassing – Family

What's Included With Membership
  • All respective services: Adult & Child
  • Two adults living in the same home
  • Two children
  • Each additional child $39/month

A la Carte – Child

What's Included With Membership
  • All ages welcome
  • Annual well checks
  • Compassionate care
  • Developmental milestone visits
  • Earth-based alternatives to drugs
  • EKGs, urine analysis as needed
  • Growth curve assessment
  • Injury visits
  • Preventive & proactive education
  • Reduced prices on out-of-office imaging
  • Sick visits
  • Sports physicals
  • Strep, Flu and COVID testing reduced price


There is a one-time registration fee of $99 at time of enrollment. Membership fees are due by the first of each calendar month. Five percent discounts are available for memberships paid in 6-month installments. The Encompassing Family plan includes two adults and up to four children, financial accommodations can be made for large families. For couples on the monthly fee schedule 10% discounts are available.

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After hours appointments available as needed.


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