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Embrace provides a level of service that has been lost in today’s conventional medical care models. Delivered through the leadership of Dr. Burgin, we exercise innovation with a personal approach to each patient within our medical family.

Primary Care

Cardiovascular & Neurologic:

● Acute Headaches
● Cardiac Disease Prevention
● Cholesterol Care
● Chronic Headaches
● Headache Prevention
● High Blood Pressure
● Venous Insufficiency
● Raynaud’s Syndrome


● Abdominal pain
● Constipation
● Diarrhea
● Diverticulitis
● Food intolerance(s)
● Gallbladder issues
● GERD/acid reflux
● Nausea and Vomiting
● Parasitic Infection


● Abscess
● Bedside Ultrasound
● Infected Cuticle
● Infected Cyst
● Infected Toenail
● Injury Splinting
● Knee Injection/Aspiration
● Laceration Repair

Ear, Nose, and Throat:

● Acute Infections
● Allergies
● Chronic Inflammation
● Ear Aches
● Nosebleeds
● Post Nasal Drainage
● Sinus Issues
● Thyroid Diseases
● Vertigo

Mental Health:

● Anxiety
● Depression
● Exercise Intolerance
● Fatigue
● Insomnia
● Postpartum Depression
● Self-Care
● Weight Management


● Asthma
● Bronchitis
● Cough
● Pneumonia
● Upper Respiratory Infection
● Wheezing


● Grave’s Disease
● Hashimoto’s
● Low Metabolism
● Metabolic Syndrome
● Obesity
● Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome
● Premenstrual Symptoms
● Peri/Menopause


● Acute and Chronic Back Pain
● Contusions
● Hematoma
● Joint Sprains
● Non-Surgical Fracture Management
● Tendon or Muscle Strains
● Large Joint Injection


● Abscess and Skin Infection
● Acne
● Avulsion injuries
● Dermatitis/Impetigo
● Eczema
● Mild to Moderate Wound Healing
● Skin Tear
● Rashes

Embrace’s A la Carte Offerings

Acute COVID Care

Our acute COVID care package is an inclusive plan that includes daily contact with your Embrace physician, as needed, for up to 4 weeks. COVID care includes a custom medication plan depending on your anticipated needs, risk factors and current medications. We provide recommendations and access to discount pricing on supplements as well as recommendations on additional OTC interventions. At Embrace, we take COVID seriously with an all-hands-on-deck approach providing detailed insights on medical equipment and devices to monitor the disease process. If indicated, COVID care includes short-term home oxygen management. Ongoing COVID care is not denied but transitions into a patient membership.

Allergy Care and Testing

At Embrace, we offer a comprehensive assessment with personalized screening for allergies with free customized prescriptions for members and annual personalized prescription rates for non-members including a quarterly care encounter.

Health Goal Assessment & Planning

Embrace is passionate about providing the best care, as such, for those unable to join our medical family membership, we offer a 90-minute planning session(s) to review an individual’s current state of health and then discuss and establish future wellness goals. This is not limited to but can include reviewing the pros and cons of each patient medication including their side effects, relevance with aging, and interactions with other medications. Weight loss and/or management can be a challenge, that’s why at Embrace we seek to understand current barriers and establish solutions to overcome these challenges. This option is available on an annual basis to an individual who is not a member in our medical family but interested in our professional approach to customized wellness. The fee for this service can be transitioned into patient membership credit if desired and our 90-minute package can be divided into 30 and 60-minute sessions as best suited for the patient and their family.

Embrace A Second Opinion

We offer protected time to discuss personal concerns privately. Some examples of our dialogue include a discussion over questions such as:

  • Is this medication right for me?
  • Is this vaccine appropriate for me in my current state of health?
  • Can I reduce my daily prescription medication list and how can I do this safely?
  • When is it time to talk about end-of-life planning?
  • Should I consider declining heroic life-sustaining measures such as do not resuscitate or DNR?
  • I have cancer and I just want to talk to a medical professional about the general disease progression, symptom management and/or how to approach my family and my future?

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